Hospital construction begins in earnest

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

Construction will increase around the Power County Hospital this week, as large excavation equipment comes in to make way for the expansion and renovation of the hospital.

The renovation started in January, but so far only smaller projects have been completed. The x-ray room was remodeled, and four patient rooms are now demolished as construction workers create three new rooms with separate bathrooms.

“It’s really, really early on, but we are on schedule and on budget, said hospital administrator Dallas Clinger.

The hospital is opened, and will remain open through construction, Clinger said. A fence wraps around much of the upper part of the hospital, yet parking is still available by the fence on Highland Street, and the admissions office and emergency room entrance are still open.

They expect to keep the same entrances open throughout phase one of the project, said marketing director Jacklyn Taylor, although that might change during phase two.

The next step in construction is …

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