I’m a Robinson, too

One of the great things about living in American Falls is figuring out how everyone is related. I was raised in Ogden, UT, where there were enough people that if someone we knew happened to choose the same store as us at the same time and we saw them, it was a rare thing. We did have a great uncle down there who we visited occasionally. But we were on opposite sides of the town, which means that we were a good half hour apart.

Now if we go into a store in American Falls, we are almost guaranteed to know somebody, as well as their parents and in-laws and aunts and uncles and exes.

But here’s my secret, somehow I am related to all of you, too. My great-great-grandparents are buried in the American Falls Cemetery. They are Henry Wadsworth Robinson and Etta Pearl Lewis Robinson. It’s not a close relation, I know, but there are a lot of Robinsons around here, and I know they hold a very extended reunion every once in a while, so I expect that there are plenty of people left around here to whom I am related.

I was reminded about this on Memorial Day. Like many others, we have a family tradition of visiting the graves of those who have passed before us. However, most of my relatives are buried in Pocatello, and most of my wife’s are buried in Montpelier. But we wanted to stay in town this year, so we went to visit the relatives here, which are my great-great-grandparents Robinson and their daughter and son-in-law Fred and Kate Nedoba. All of them passed away long before I met them, except for Kate, who was very old when I was a youngster, but who I met several times.

Somebody, one of you I assume, puts flowers on their graves every Memorial Day, so one of you has met them (though probably not Henry, he died in a car wreck in 1924), or maybe you have a strong attachment to family history. If that’s you, then stop on by or send me a note! I’d love to hear how I’m related to everyone else in town. That way, when I go to the stores here in town, I’m running into family too, not just acquaintances.

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