Boca boca boca, and other baby talk

The cow sound isn’t really “moo” and the pig sound isn’t really “oink.” The traditional mimic of baby talk is “goo goo gah gah” but, like cows and pigs, babies don’t say what they are supposed to either. I’ve heard a lot of babies say “ma” or “da” or “guh.” Right now, our baby says “boca boca boca.”

I don’t know why she says boca boca boca. The boca boca boca sounds she makes evolved from a more shrill, squeaky sound that my wife swears sounds exactly like the long-gone guinea pig of her youth. I know there are a lot of impersonations out there, but I’ve never seen a baby impersonate a guinea pig before.

For a little while the guinea pig sounds were just a little bit creepy, at least for my wife. It’s just a little weird if you start hearing your dead guinea pig all the time.

But she moved passed guinea pig, and is now on boca boca boca. There are debates in our house with what boca boca boca might mean.

One theory is that it stands for broccoli. She is not a big fan of broccoli; in fact, she’s not a big fan of eating anything. For her, food just takes too long to eat. It takes away from more fun pursuits, like watching YouTube videos. If you just thought YouTube was full of movie previews and cat videos, I’m here to tell you there are a whole lot of videos for those of us under two.

One of her favorite YouTube videos encourages kids to eat their broccoli. So, after watching that video 54,235 times she now just walks around saying boca boca boca.

Another theory is that it stands for “bucking bronco.” Like many dads since the beginning of time, I give my kids “horsey rides” on my knee. This practice has affectionately come to be known as “bucking bronco” in our house. Let’s just say that our baby loves to break some wild stallions. Or maybe just my knees.

(Funny story: when searching the internet to see how common the practice of giving kids “horsey rides” is, I ran across a stuffed animal horse head you can strap to your knee so the kids can feel more cowboy-like. I guess that means it is pretty widespread.)

However, my theory, and I’m sticking to it, is that “boca boca boca” is just a really fun thing to say. It makes your tongue twist in weird ways, and for a baby, what can be more fun than that? Except for YouTube videos and horsey rides, of course.

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