Computer virus shuts down A.F., P.C. systems

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by A.F. City Council Member Dan Hammond

As I contemplate what to write about for the mayor’s column this week, my thoughts go to the issues that we at the city as well as the county have been having with our computer system.

A couple of weeks ago the system got a virus which shut the system down for a couple of days. The problem was resolved, so we thought, but to our collective horror, it returned with a vengeance again this week!

I overheard one conversation about the cost of the problem, in the thousands of dollars, and they were concerned about how much the insurance would cover. It goes without saying that we don’t have money in the budget for this type of expense. We can only hope that our insurance coverage is at least adequate. It’s hard enough to cover expenses without this rearing its ugly head.

For me this past week has been one of extreme highs and lows. It is the week of our annual Hammond family reunion in Island Park. This is a wonderful family event that our children and grandchildren look forward to all year. It was marred this year by the death of Karen’s dear mother. A tremendous loss indeed, one that we’ll feel for years to come.

I have wanted to write about the Senior Projects for a long time. I think they have the means to provide lots of real education to our seniors. I have been privileged to judge several of these projects and have seen them improve significantly over the years. Ms. Wight does an awesome job of mentoring these students and getting the most out of them. It also is a credit to the administration that oversees these students that they learn significant things. In nearly all the presentations, the students, in describing what they learned, talk about procrastination. They all say that they procrastinated doing their projects and as a result had to hurry to complete them.

That is a problem with many of us. I find myself putting things off instead of doing them when I should, just like writing this article, I should have written it yesterday, but I procrastinated until today and have to hurry to get it done.

Our street department has been working so hard to finish some of the streets that have been repaved. I love to see freshly paved streets and see how they sparkle. The one street that we’re working on that will take lots of time and patience to complete is Fort Hall. This street must be completely dug up and sewer and water lines replaced and then will be repaved. It will be a least three months before this project will be completed.

Please use alternate routes to get to where you’re going. The street department is trying really hard to keep access available to the public to get to businesses located on Fort Hall. They are going to keep the street open from Whitman to Lee Street to Hillcrest to the bypass so that traffic can get out of town that way. They are also going to keep Adams Street open to get to Ace Hardware.

A real plus for this project is that the dirt and gravel removed from Fort Hall will be used to build the emergency bypass road to the marina. This should significantly reduce the cost of that project. Our street department works as a united team. It is refreshing to visit with the team leader and have him praise his team as a cohesive unit.

We have such great employees working for you all. They have the best interests of the city in their hearts. I can’t say enough about their talents and united dedication to you as citizens of this great community!

Finally, we as the mayor and city council, would like to wish Kurtis and Havilah Workman Godspeed in their new adventure! Kurtis has given untold hours of service to our community. He is a hard worker and dedicated to your service. I am intrigued by what they plan to do and their plan for the next period of their lives. We look forward to following their progress and hearing of their adventures. We’ll miss his suggestions and ideas for improvement for our amazing city!

Good luck to you both. You’ll miss the city of American Falls because it is the best place to live!

Thanks for reading!

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