Workman offers resignation, council approves replacement

Our City

by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

Dear Mayor Beitia,

It has been my deepest privilege to hold a place on the American Falls City Council for the past five years. I have had the honor to get to know members of our great community more fully. I have cherished the opportunity to improve the lives of our neighbors. There have been times of greater success than others, but being able to be part of the solution has been incredibly fulfilling.

I have also been continually impressed with the dedication of those who work for the city of American Falls. These people are diligent in making the lives of the residents of our community better today than they were yesterday. Their unending resolve to help is an inspiration that cannot not be over-appreciated.

Among those that I have had the chance to work with over the past five years that have left a significant impact on my life and worldview are yourself and the other members of the council. We have agreed and disagreed, argued and compromised, but always with the betterment of American Falls first and foremost in our hearts. This honest dialogue and mutual respect is something that I have valued greatly and thank each of you for the respect you have extended to me.

Now is a unique time for my wife, Havilah, and I. We have the chance to explore our country and as much as we love our home and community, it is an opportunity we cannot pass up.

With that in mind, please accept this as my official letter of resignation effective Wednesday, June 27, 2018.

Thank you again,

Kurtis Workman

On behalf of the City of American Falls I wish to thank Kurtis Workman for his selfless dedication and service. I wish him and Havilah all the best in their adventure and careers as authors. I would ask that they please bring themselves home once in a while to say hello and visit. We will continue to do our best in making American Falls the best place to live.

Upon the resignation of Councilman Workman at last Wednesday’s city council meeting it was my pleasure to offer as an appointment Blanca Mendez for the council’s consideration. I was pleased that she was confirmed with a unanimous vote. I believe you will find Mendez very much engaged in her new position and serving in everyone’s best interests. Her duties will include working with City Clerk Robyn Herndon and our Building Administrator Jeff Nelson as she works with the administration department. She will also be working with Superintendent Cody Moldenhauer in golf and Superintendent Chris Fehringer in parks, organized recreation and Willow Bay. We welcome Mendez in our efforts to make American Falls the very best place to live.

As I say that some may be wondering if I have lost my mind since the construction project on Fort Hall seemed stalled for a few days a week ago. Yes, there was a pause of a few days in the excavation of Fort Hall but that pause saved the City over $233,000. The pause was due to our having the road base under Fort Hall tested to see if it would be suitable material for use as the road base for the Emergency Bypass Road to Willow Bay; it was, and it turned into a huge savings for the city. At the construction meeting for the Fort Hall project last Thursday it was discussed that Lee Street and Adams would remain open for cross-town traffic as the complete excavation of Fort Hall is expected to be done by July 9. Once the excavation is done water and sewer lines will be installed beginning at Harrison and proceeding north to the Highway 39 intersection. As we waited for the testing to be completed you may have noticed the new asphalt on Oregon Trail, Idanha, Bennett, Whitman, Van Buren and Madison. The street department has been far from idle. Once completed with Fort Hall we are hopeful there may be enough funding left in the Emergency Relief Funding from two winters ago to pave two more blocks on Madison.

I want to wish you a happy 4th of July as we celebrate our country’s independence. Be safe in your travels and your celebration. Recreational opportunities abound this year as the weather and other conditions look to be about as perfect as at least I could ask for. Enjoy.

Until next week…

Thanks for reading!

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