American Falls considers annexation

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

The city of American Falls is investigating annexing several portions currently outside of the city. Annexation will increase the tax base of the city, and help solve some of the city’s financial needs, said city officials.

The city is planning an open house on Wednesday, Sept. 19, at 5 p.m., to go over some of the details of the annexation.

There are three areas the city is considering annexation. One is just northeast of the city, encompassing mostly businesses along Fairgrounds Road, as well as a few empty lots.

Another area is southwest of the city, encompassing a few lots along Sunbeam Road and Moonlight Road, and the third is south of the city, along the frontage road and McKinley Road, and includes the American Falls High School.

In the portion northwest of the city, which also included some of the area on the southwest side of Pocatello Avenue, the city is not considering the Power County airport or fairgrounds in the annexation. Since those are already government-owned, they would not add anything to the city’s coffers, explained city building administrator Jeff Nelson to the city council on Thursday, July 5. Since they are outside of the city’s boundary…

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