Time flies, little brother

I am the oldest of eight kids, and my little brother is the youngest. I always look out for him, and with that in mind, I decided to hook him up with some ladies. An older brother’s got to do what an older brother’s got to do.

But, I was too late. The day that I was going to approach him with some eligible possibilities, he announced he was dating someone. Seriously.

Now for some people, serious dating is something that comes and goes like the rising of the sun. But my brother is a pretty laid back dude. For him to say he was doing anything seriously is like seeing a rainbow. This doesn’t happen every day. And then a few months later he was engaged. He’ll be married in a few days.

I found this news somewhat baffling, because I’m pretty sure they don’t let 14-year-olds get married. He has persistently said that he is not 14, that he is an adult. I know he is kidding though. I think of him often. Every time I think of him, I picture that gangly 14-year-old boy with a crack in his voice. He must be on his 10th or 11th year of being 14.

Marriage can be pretty rough for someone so young. I should give him some marriage advice. But I don’t know if I’ve been married long enough for marriage advice. I swear I’ve only been married to my sweetheart for a few months. I don’t know where all those children came from. It’s like I closed my eyes for a second, and opened them to find out we are starting to have gray hair and wrinkles.

I remember being in college, and thinking that college was probably going to last forever. It sure seemed that way at the time. Year after year, it dragged on and on, with exam piled on exam and paper piled on paper. The purpose of my life was to continue to plod through courses, only to come up for a breath every sixth months when the semester ended. There was nothing else.

And then suddenly, it was over. (Except that I still have this recurring nightmare that I missed an exam. College will do that to you.) Now I look back and think, something happening for just four years is not very long. Time sure went slower back then.

Anyway, dear brother, here’s some marriage advice. Don’t look back too long, because you’ll miss your life rushing past you before you know it. Okay, so maybe that isn’t marriage advice necessarily, but I think it’s about the best advice I can give right now. And since you didn’t date any of the girls I had picked out for you, you better take the advice.

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