ITD lists options on busy intersection

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

The Idaho Transportation Department returned to American Falls on Tuesday, July 17, to talk again about the intersection of Pocatello Avenue and the Highway 39 bypass. At two different sessions that day, ITD presented five different scenarios for the intersection to gauge what locals thought would be the best solution.

ITD came once earlier to generate more ideas for the intersection. That meeting was an important step in creating ideas for the intersection, said Dan Harelson with ITD. For example, ITD was not aware…

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1 comment for “ITD lists options on busy intersection

  1. Al
    August 8, 2018 at 6:38 am

    Just put a deputy in front of the Stop sign and write citations to fill up city’s budget . Most of the semitrucks (especially belonging to Great Riff transportation) ignore the stop sign and make other drivers, who go straight slam on their brakes in order to avoid collision.

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