A.F. council discusses junked cars

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

In its meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 1, the city council discussed complaints citizens had against businesses who allow junk cars on their property.

Police chief Brandon Wilkinson said the city had no ordinance restricting junk cars on property, as long as the cars are there as part of a business operation. He is looking into ordinances that other cities have on junk cars at the direction of the …

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1 comment for “A.F. council discusses junked cars

  1. Al
    August 13, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    If cars are on someone’s private property there is no valid reason to complain unless there are some toxic liquids dripping from them into city streets.Any vehicle parked on a city street should be registered and in good repair.No doubt about it.
    I might not like all of my neighbor’s choices,but unless it creates any real (and not imaginary)threat to a person or society,that person lives in whatever happens in my neighbor’s business,yard,bed,house should not concern me or Mr. Wilkinson.

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