A.F. council talks youth center, dog park

by Daniel Moore

Press Staff Writer

Bob Schreiber, with the Gerald Fehringer Youth Center, appeared before the American Falls City Council in its meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 15, to thank the city for its continued support of the center.

The center, now in its 39th year, provides a place for recreation for young people in American Falls. It is open in the afternoons and is located in the basement of the Power County Extension Office. The city and the county, along with …

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1 comment for “A.F. council talks youth center, dog park

  1. Al
    September 16, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    Might be also useful to talk about dog control/animal control in AF or lack thereof…
    It is awesome to have an animal companion,but dog owners(especially big dog owners) should choose to do it responsibly.I have quiet a picture collection of dogs roaming randomly without a leash or a muzzle within American falls city limits.
    Would be awesome if there was not just a rule,but also a way to enforce it,especially regarding irresponsible dog owners,who let their aggressive animals roam freely and scare children.

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