The old Santa Claus argument

A couple of months after completing kindergarten, my daughter confessed there was an argument while waiting in line at the school. That argument was, as ever, whether or not Santa Claus exists.

My daughter took a firm agnostic approach to the subject (in other words, Santa Claus MIGHT exist), but she really tried to bring both sides together, at least enough to stop the yelling (it sounds as if there were some raised voices among those tiny children on the matter). I’m proud of her for trying, but, as with many fights, she didn’t have much success.

She also said a few days later, the same people got in an argument on whether or not ghosts exist. Funnily enough, the people who believed in Santa Claus did not believe in ghosts, and the people who didn’t believe in Santa Claus did believe in ghosts. One person in particular insisted they had seen evidence of ghostly activity. My daughter again tried to get them to stop arguing, but to no avail.

I couldn’t keep from laughing. I guess even kindergartners are so attached to their opinions. If there is one thing I have learned on this planet, you just can’t change someone’s mind very easily.

I try not to put anything controversial on Facebook, because as strong as I think my position is, there is always someone out there who thinks differently, and is going to take me down a notch. I did see a post on Facebook a while back that some of my Facebook friends need to hear. It basically said that feuding groups need to leave each other alone—live and let live, as they say.

Even that was controversial though, as people debated in the comments just how much power one feuding group might have over other feuding groups, and whether personal freedoms were lost if certain groups weren’t taken down a notch.

I found myself disagreeing with it too. What good is there belonging to a group if you can’t air your feelings in a public forum? If you can’t say anything that might offend another group, even the weather’s going to start becoming controversial.

So there is no good solution, I guess. We’re still going to be arguing as the centuries go by. That is part of the beauty of democracy. Just make sure you know one thing: both Santa Claus and ghosts definitely exist. Take that kindergartners.

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