Crapo’s vote kills Yemen children

To the editor,

I was reading in Newsweek just this morning that Senator Crapo had voted against a resolution in congress that would end military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Now, these are the Saudi Arabian folks that are bombing defenseless women and children using U.S. made weapons. I could not help but wonder what the children of Yemen had done to upset our Idaho senator to the point that he would want these kids’ arms and legs blown off with bombs from the sky. These must be pretty bad little hombres.

Now I cannot think of a single Idaho man or woman that I know who would not go out of their way to protect the life of a defenseless child, but here is our senator voting to continue to use these weapons to bomb these kids and their moms. Seems strange in the worst of times but here it is Christmas.

Reading further I find that Senator Crapo and four of his fellow senators, who also voted against the resolution, have been the recipients of financial contributions from lobbying firms that work for Saudi Arabia. I suppose each of us has to draw our own conclusions. I find it difficult to think that as I ate my Thanksgiving dinner little kids were being torn apart by shrapnel with our senator’s tacit approval. Seems strange behavior for an Idahoan. I hope that our Senator and all Idahoans can keep their kids safe this holiday season.

Todd Winters

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