New Year’s goal: slow down while driving

Like many of you this time of year, I reflect on things that I could do better, and ways I could improve myself this upcoming year. But I’m not planning on losing weight or quitting any substances. No, this year, I’m going to try to stop cutting people off in traffic. I figure if I can do that, I can do about anything.

I really didn’t know I had much of a problem, until my kids pointed out that every time I drove they felt like they might die. I guess things may look rather scary as a young child when you father pulls out in front of oncoming traffic and you’re staring down a driver of a car hurtling toward you.

I have to apologize to all of you that I’ve pulled out in front of over the last year or two. That is probably most of you. I’m certainly happy that you let me through without crashing into me. And it’s not like I can’t wait. There isn’t much traffic in American Falls, and all I have to do is wait for a car or two to pass before I can be on my way.

All I can say is that I learned to drive in Utah.

Recently I decided to give waiting a try. I was driving home from work, and crossing a fairly busy road, when I saw a car coming down the street I was planning to cross. Instead of rushing across the road as fast as I could and scaring the driver half to death, I decided to wait. But I think my reputation must have preceded me. This car kept slowing down as it came down the road, with the driver looking at me as if I might pull out at any time. He was right. I guess I could learn a little more patience.

And my impatience on the road is not limited to driving. I walk across Idaho Street up to eight times a day. Now, I should go down to the light and use the crosswalk. Instead I tried a different method, a method I learned for a video game as a young child. That game was called “Frogger.”

Now in Frogger, the player navigates a frog across a busy road, moving in spaces left in between cars. It’s an intense game. Let me tell you, it can get a little more intense in real life. I’m just glad I’ve never ended up as the frog in Frogger.

But sometimes it’s even scary using the cross walk. We’re not used to pedestrians around here, and some of us forget to look. Maybe that can be YOUR New Year’s Resolution. My goal, for this year, is to not get ran over.

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