Open letter to Congressional leaders

To the editor,

I have ask each of you to confirm the numbers I am using and as yet none of you have responded. Therefore, I must proceed as I have made, what I consider, every reasonable effort to validate the following information. In our current “shut-down” this is a breakdown of departments considered non-essential (as a person who believes in small government I must ask “Why do we have non-essential people in our government?)

NASA 95.4%, Commerce Department 86%, Treasury Department 83.3%, Federal Trade Commission 76.7%, Interior 76%, Agriculture 66.5%, SBA 65%, Peace Corps 62%, NSF (National Science Foundation) 97%, Transportation 37.2%, HUD 95.4%, EPA 95%, Education 95%, Labor 81%, Energy 69%. Total federal workforce 43% is non-essential. Based on those numbers leave it shutdown.

You, collectively, ran on (directly or implied) smaller government, lower spending, repeal/replace ACA (Obamacare) and border security.

Let’s look at just one of those. Smaller government and less spending.

Compare what President Trump ask for and “YOU” Congress (Republicans) spent in the Omnibus Bill.

Dept. agriculture +35.5%, EPA +42.5%, Transportation +66.8%, HUD +36%, Energy +24%, Justice +9.3%, Health and Human Services +43%, State Dept +43%.

Debt increase under Republican leadership from 14T to 20.86T since 2011 this year (2018) 1.4T.

This is with record revenue.

I know you will continue to play politics with my, my children and my grandchildren’s money and security. Knowing that I must ask myself “Why should I ever vote for any of you again?”

For my readers: What you do with this information is up to you. But, know this, you have been MISLEAD (lied to?). It doesn’t take 60 votes in the Senate, it takes 60% of those present. Forcing a filibusterer means they have to hold the floor, under Senate rules they must remain on the subject or they lose their turn, they can only take the floor twice. I would love to see it.

Jesse L. Higgins


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