Masons, Chamber host A.F. Day golf tournament

The Greater American Falls Area Chamber of Commerce will host a four person scramble golf tournament on American Falls Day Saturday, Aug. 3, with proceeds to benefit the Masonic Lodge.

The tournament is set to start at 2 p.m on American Falls Day. The tournament is open for anyone who wishes to participate including all ages.

Tournament entry fees will include a meal for participants.

Chamber president Kurtis Workman adds that the tournament, which occurred last year as well, is moving to A.F. day to add more variety to the American Falls event.

“Moving to A.F. day will help create a day long set of acts that reaches a wider group and gets more of the community involved,” said Workman.

Masonic Lodge secretary Jed Gist said that the tournament earnings will go toward the Masonic lodge.

“Essentially we are starting to make it an annual fundraiser for the Masons,” said Gist.

The Masons focus on community building and the bettering of oneself.

This year they are focusing on the chip program and hope to use funds to spread awareness about the program.

“The chip program is the child identification program. It has been around for a while but just became affordable. We send/hand out packets which ask for dental records, fingerprints, etc. which gives a good starting point in case a child goes missing,” said Gist.

Further information will be published as American Falls Day nears.

For more information contact Bill Beck at the golf course 226-5827.


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