Usually things don’t just happen

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by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

Sometimes things just happen. At least that’s what we would like to think. But, with the exceptions of acts of nature or acts of God, nothing just happens. Oftentimes things happen that you had no input into or prior knowledge of, but again that doesn’t mean they just happened.

For the most part it takes people to make things happen. It has been a long time since I have given Good Neighbor recognition and that is my fault. There have been plenty of worthy candidates.

The first Good Neighbor recognition of 2019 goes to Mark Love, Jon Isaak, Robert Isaak, Steve Isaak and Craig Heward. These four men took their day off last Saturday, and cleaned up and hauled off the trailer that burn nearly to the ground almost two months ago. If you have driven by city hall you would have noticed it directly across the street.

I did not see the cleanup take place. I had stopped by Ken’s for a bit of shopping after finishing up some work at school when I met Susan Love and she told me what the four Good Neighbors had spent their Saturday doing. It was no small task to be sure. Heavy equipment was surely involved as it must have been specialized cutting equipment. The cleanup took the four men nearly eight hours of their day; my sincerest thanks go to each!

As a reminder to you, yes you can send your Good Neighbor nominations to me at city hall or in person whenever you see someone committing a neighborly act. Any act of kindness or generosity qualifies. They happen all the time in our community. Let me know when you recognize one. It would be a shame to have something “just happen” and not recognize it for what it really was.

Things don’t just happen. Beyond folks doing neighborly things for one another, most things take foresight and at least some planning. In an effort to continue to make American Falls the best place to live the city council and city employees will be revisiting our strategic plan over the next month or so. I will also let you know via this column when those planning sessions will be should you also like to have input into the future of our community.

One of the things I look forward to discussing and figuring out is how we can make the Willow Bay Recreation Area a more integral part of the community. Over the last month Chris Fehringer, Robyn Herndon and I have been having some very productive conversations with the Bureau of Reclamation and the concessionaires at Willow Bay. Sometimes even when you plan things they don’t work how you want them to the first, second or even third time; but, eventually ideas and solutions can be found that do work if persistence prevails. I remain optimistic and more than a little excited about the future of Willow Bay and how it will enhance our strategic plan and the entire community.

As part of the existing strategic plan I will be signing papers this week that will begin a portion of the connectivity between Willow Bay and Three Layer Park. I expect construction to begin that will complete the walking path around north and south city parks as soon as the spring weather stabilizes. Sidewalks will also be extended down Bannock Avenue beyond the middle school as part of this project. I doubt funding will get the project all the way to Lee Street, but it will be better than what currently exists.

My thanks again to Mark Love, Jon Isaak, Robert Isaak, Steve Isaak and Craig Heward for their efforts as good neighbors. I am looking forward to 2019 and all the possibilities it will bring.

Some will be planned certainly, but others won’t. In all likelihood though, little if anything will just happen.

Until next week…

Thanks for reading!

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