Sometimes things turn out better, sometimes not

Legislative Update

by State Rep. Randy Armstrong

Sometimes things turn out so much better than you could have ever imagined.

And then sometimes they don’t.

In the first few weeks of a legislative session we review rules. The legislature passes laws but then it is up to the germane agencies to sit down and draft the actual details and make demands as to how the law will actually be enacted and enforced. In their exuberance they sometimes write rules that are much more stifling or overreaching than the legislature ever intended.

So we get to review the rules they made last year, to either accept or reject them. I think sometimes agencies write some rather eccentric and erratic rules just to see if we are paying attention. We can review and reject those rules or any other rules from the entirety of state law.

You just never know when rule making will take a turn for the worst.

Like my wife. No, she’s turned out great, but sometimes, like rules, her intentions go awry.

We were helping a neighbor lady one day to clean up her property. She was going to put her place up for sale and wanted it looking nice. We were cutting down bushes, weeds, moving rocks and she had an old fence that needed removed. Part of the fence was electric but hadn’t been used in many years. It had an old rusty charger with a small solar panel. I tore that off the post and handed it to my wife to carry to the junk pile. It was fairly heavy so she was carrying it on her hip, like you would a larger child.

Well, the two small ends, where the fencing wires attach, touched simultaneously on her hip. Bam! She flew up and backwards into some evergreen bushes. She was splayed out, with appendages pointing in every direction, and she was unconscious for about 30 seconds. When she came to, one eye was looking north and the other south. Two of our boys were helping and they started to laugh. The more they laughed the more uncontrollable they became. It was contagious and I began to laugh irrationally also (counsel for you newly-weds, this is not the correct reaction).

She was still trying to regain all of her faculties when the woman we were helping began to yell; questioning our mental faculties and our outrageous behavior. She wanted us to immediately call 911. I was finally able to get myself under control and said, “No, stop, please race into the house, grab a Diet Coke, pop it open and run it under her nose – she’ll be fine.” For some odd reason this lady did not see any humor in that.

That was a long time ago and curiously my wife still gets angry when anyone mentions that story.

So as you worry about life’s obstacles; if there is a state law that is particularly galling to you or you think something needs to be changed, let’s look at it and see if we can get it fixed. Just because something didn’t turn out exactly like you expected; there is no reason to stay mad about it.

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