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To the editor,

Thursday. Feb, 28, the Boy Scouts in Lakeview held their Blue and Gold Banquet. Julie and Ed Henicksman were in charge of it. Julie said she wanted something different. She wanted the boys in the Scouting Program to know there are Veterans and active duty soldiers that live among them. She wanted them to be more aware of them and show appreciation to them! So she invited all Veterans and members of the American Legion and spouses to come and enjoy a great evening and to let the boys meet the ones who have made it possible for them to enjoy the things they have today.

We thank Ed and Julie for a great evening! Ed offered a big thank you to the soldiers and to their spouses. The sacrifice that both make – fighting and away from home and the ones in the families who stay home.

They had a wonderful film about how our National Anthem was written. It was very moving and I think the boys understood it better seeing the film and not just singing it. They now know what the words stand for!

Lori Klassen and Holly Hutchinson (Ed and Julie’s daughter) led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance in their uniforms. Julie asked me to do the honors of telling the crowd about the Missing Man table and what all the items on the table stand for. I was so happy and honored to do this for her, a lot of the older people did not know about this ceremony!

We had a wonderful old fashion chicken dinner and a great time visiting.

Thank you Julie and Ed for changing it up a bit and showing appreciation for our veterans and servicemen and woman. I truly hope the boys and their families enjoyed it! I know all of the American Legion and veterans I talked to were so proud to know that the boys were learning about them.

Thank you again,

Linda Cardona and Eloy

The Aberdeen American Legion

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