Farewell from long-time weatherman

To the editor,

For the past 42 years, it’s been my pleasure and privilege to visit with the fine folks in eastern Idaho, western Wyoming, northern Utah, and southwest Montana from the studios of KIDK-TV3 and for the past nearly 10 years in company with Local News 8. I’ve been able to share some weather information from time to time, as well as tell stories about the people and places that I love. As life-long residents of eastern Idaho, my sweet wife and I have been able to raise our children here. They were able to enjoy the company of their grandparents, as we are now able to enjoy the company of our grandchildren! I recently retired from my on-air duties with the local TV stations. To all those who sent well wishes; to all those with whom I’ve been able to visit with, to all those who have made my career such a meaningful and joyful pursuit, may I say Thank You! Thank you for overlooking my faults, and allowing me the honor of visiting with you through the miracle of TV broadcasting, and with the advent of social media and electronic communications, letting me visit from other platforms as well. I will miss our nightly conversations, but I hope our in-person conversations will continue as occasions allow. I hope fair weather continues to be your lot in life, and warm winds blow throughout your future.

Steve Cannon

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