What in Sam Hill’s name am I doing?

Our City

by A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

Have you ever just stopped mid-job and asked yourself, “What in Sam Hill’s name are you doing?” I did just that last Friday about 1 p.m. The week prior I thought I would squeeze in a few days of fishing during spring break; yet between the backlog of paperwork at school, students wanting to practice for state competitions in two weeks and various things needing my attention at city hall Friday snuck up on me with nary a fish caught let alone fly cast.

I am not complaining as it is a circumstance made by my own choices; but it did make me wonder if my priorities were in the right order.

Last Monday found me working with Mckinnon Bradley and some of the Ag Issues team getting state materials ready for submission by the end of the day. Things had to get done as the school district’s computer network and systems were going offline for upgrades on Tuesday. The materials were due on Wednesday. Good efforts were given by everyone and the submitted materials should compete as well as the students themselves.

That afternoon I met with Gerald Giesbrecht who has offered his services as a backup wastewater operator should Scott Dalling need to be away from town for trainings or meetings. Yet again, good folks step up when they know you could use a bit of help. Thank you Gerald. The recessed city council meeting had also been moved to Monday so folks could enjoy more of their spring break.

At the meeting the council granted permission for some unique coinciding events May 16 through 19. The Rocky Mountain Bow Fishing Club has reserved Willow Bay Campground for that Friday through Sunday for their annual carp tournament. As fate would have it a large renaissance group has also requested the use of the areas south of the campground for their spring event; which as I understand it is complete with staged heavy battles involving swords, axes and the like. I made the off-handed comment that I would pay good money to watch jousting on high-speed fishing boats. Yes, I was only kidding.

Because of their offer to help at Monday night’s council meeting I met with Ivan Permann and Brett Leyshon of the Power County Soil Conservation District along with Parks and Willow Bay Superintendent Chris Fehringer Tuesday morning to discuss potential reseeding efforts this spring at Willow Bay and water use in town. You may recall Fehringer and I have been working through a grant from Lamb Weston last year to reestablish the habitat from the railroad track to the campground.

Permann and Leyshon expressed an interest in the project and will determine if there may be a way to further collaborate. They also brought grant information they had received designed to help improve water use efficiencies. Those grants are through the Bureau of Reclamation and I made those calls later that day. It will be later this week before we find out if we are eligible to apply.

Wednesday, I met with more students in the morning and Scott Dalling that afternoon to discuss everything from sampling to permitting and personnel certifications. It was a very productive meeting and I have to say that while he is not yet qualified to be our superintendent he has far exceeded my expectations in his efforts to become qualified.

Thursday found me meeting with Superintendent Daren Dahlke to discuss spring cleanup and needed equipment. Believe it or not we have equipment that was new when I graduated from high school AND it still works, sort of and sometimes. On the April 3 council agenda will be a discussion for the lease purchase of a skidster and frontend loader. Spring cleanup is scheduled for the first week in May as of now, but like the weather, is subject to change.

If you receive a city services bill, PLEASE, read all the pages (both sides) included in your April billing. The spring cleanup schedule will be included as will the sewer flushing schedule and a notice from the police department.

Like last week, this week is full of meetings plus the students are back in school. It’s shaping up to be every bit as busy as spring break was. For now my priorities remain the same. I very much like to work with students who work every bit as hard as I do. I remain proud of all those I work with at the city and the positive changes we have been able to effect.

I won’t lie; however, I have missed the cold flowing currents around my legs and the tug of a trout on the end of my tippet. I won’t feel a bit guilty when it next happens.

Until next week…

Thanks for reading!

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