Boating safety or harassment?

To the editor,

I am a law abiding citizen and have a few questions for the county.

1. Does the Power County Sheriff have more authority than the constitution of the United States? (Can they search my vehicle, persons, or question me without cause)?

2. Can the sheriff provide to all boaters the Idaho state statue that requires all boaters to have an inspection?

The above question is a big question for me. Please respond and show me the authority that has been given.

3. Does the Power County Sheriff , or the deputies that work under the sheriff, really think the law requires individuals on the beach to have life jackets on at all times?

The reason why these questions are asked is because myself and my family are tired of the constant harassment by the local Barnie Fifes in overpriced boats and jet skis which they are untrained for.

Question, boats versus cars?

1. Without probable cause, can a county sheriff stop a boat to check if the horn works?

2. Without probable cause, can an Idaho State Police officer stop you to see if your horn works in your car?

I understand the need for safety on the water. However as a Naval veteran of several military conflicts I do not need a 20 something year old kid telling me how to be safe while trolling for trout at 2.5 mph. Yes I have life jackets, yes I have a throwable, yes I have lights, yes I have a blower, and YES I HAVE A ROPE TO PULL YOUR $50,OOO BOAT OFF THE ROCKS DUE TO LACK OF EXPERIENCE AND FREE EQUIPMENT PROVIDED BY TAX PAYERS.

Mr. Sheriff, please quit pulling up to the side of me, running over my fishing lines, and doing the same checks week after week!

I have seen thousands of dollars of damage done to tax payer’s equipment due to lack of experience. In the future if the sheriff, search and rescue, or others want to question me about my boat or boating skills, I will gladly give some free lessons (how to read a river, how to not run shallows in a prop boat).

Thank you for your time.

Kirk Nelson, U.S.N.

Thanks for reading!

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