A few acts of kindness can go a long way

A few acts of kindness can go a long way, and I’ve noticed quite a few acts of kindness—done without the expectation of recognition—recently.

A few weeks ago I attended the Derrick Memorial Basketball Game. I was sitting on the front row, ready to take some pictures, when an elderly gentleman sat down next to me. He sat down on the front row next to me because it had taken quite some effort just to get in the gym and he couldn’t walk any farther, especially not up any steps to seats where he might have had more space.

And then, just as he was settling in the seat, they announced for everyone to rise for the national anthem. I stood up, and it was clear that the man next to me was going to stand up too, even though it was all he could just to get into the gym in the first place.

Luckily, one of the seniors that was playing in the game that night happened to walk by. He quickly surmised the situation and offered a helping hand. I could tell it was much appreciated. I know that senior was not expecting any recognition, and so I’ll only call him P. Kress. Or maybe Payton K. Something like that.

And then my wife was buying groceries in the middle of one of our rainstorms we’ve had recently. Not only did the grocery store employees help her out to her car, but one also held an umbrella over her head until she got in the car. Otherwise, she would have been soaked through as she wrestled groceries and a baby into the car. Now that’s service!

We’ve also had problem with bikes. Last year, all our kids had bikes, but they didn’t know how to ride. This year, they suddenly all know how to ride, but all of them outgrew their bikes. This is okay for most of them, because they just inherited the bike just bigger than the one they rode last year, and the baby inherited the smallest bike.

But it wasn’t okay for our oldest, who suddenly was left bikeless. She doesn’t ride quite as much as the younger children, but no one wants to be a bikeless preteen. Our neighbor watched the situation unfold, and offered us an older bike they had. What a relief that was for us.

That doesn’t count the myriad ways that we have been helped since we came to American Falls. So many people have been kind to our children, and given us food and help. It is certainly a great place to live.

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