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A.F. Mayor Marc Beitia

A special thank you to the entire group of Power County Search and Rescue volunteers who sponsored yet another outstanding event. Beyond the salmon barbecue, the training, work, and service you are prepared to provide each of us in a critical moment deserves everyone’s thanks and most sincere appreciation; it is indeed about saving lives. Each of our volunteer emergency responders is so awesome for what they selflessly choose to do for the rest of us.

The reports I received from individuals working the event were very favorable despite the inconvenience of the construction on Harrison Street. As I took part in the feast around 2 o’clock, it was difficult, as always, to find a seat for my extended family. I saw many familiar faces some of which I had not seen for years, it was great to catch up at such a wonderful event that brings our community and friends together. Great job Power County Search and Rescue!

Three weeks ago I asked the American Falls Historical Commission to form a committee which would have the responsibility of helping me select homes and landscaping for the city’s portion of the Community Pride Award. The committee further refined the criteria they used to include more specifically the incorporation of flowers, flower gardens and gardens as well as the home’s overall landscaping. As chair of the commission and this committee, I would like to recognize and thank Don Johnson for helping each of us find the little things that make the City of American Falls such a wonderful place to live. Don reports the following:

“Thanks to all the flower gardeners of American Falls! There are so many beautiful yards in American Falls that bring pleasure to all that travel the city’s streets. A committee of the American Falls Historical Preservation Commission has chosen two dozen that you should not miss enjoying and appreciating the efforts of the responsible gardeners. Three Outstanding Gardens were selected; they are at 255 Tyhee, 246 McKinley and 905 Hillcrest. There was no decision as to the “best” because all three are “Outstanding.”

Some of the other “beautiful flower gardens” that you should be sure to appreciate are listed here: 275 Van Buren, 330 Jackson, 260 Monroe, 370 Madison, 385 Jefferson, 475 Adams, 266 Washington, 710 Reed, 408 Polk, 725 Bannock, 764 Bannock, 720 Fillmore, 835 Fillmore, 716 Falls, 715 Stevens, 135 Howard, 193 Howard, 114 Grant, 126 Hayes, 156 Hayes, 425 Hayes, 455 Hayes, 248 Arthur, 454 Arthur and 2022 Falls.”

DePatco will be installing the storm drains in the 100 and 200 blocks of Roosevelt this week; the street will be closed to through traffic, but will remain open for people needing

access to the businesses along those two blocks. Exploratory work at the intersection of Fort Hall and Roosevelt will also begin this week. Traffic through the intersection will be diverted around the work area, but not detoured to different streets and routes. Through traffic on Oregon Trail will be reopened. The meandering sidewalk on the Harrison Street side of the City Park will be formed and concrete will begin to be poured this week. The new water main will be installed along with all the private services down both blocks of Harrison this week. This may cause some brief disruption in the water service provided to the properties, but either a DePatco or city representative will be by to discuss the timing of the disruption with each property owner. Next week new curb and gutter will be formed and poured along both blocks of Harrison as well. The new construction has begun; let the rebuilding begin!

I would like to thank the business and property owners impacted by the downtown project for their continued cooperation as we all work together to make our community better.

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