Please help the children

To the editor,

This is not Hitler’s NAZI Germany! But YOU and I are custodians of the children held on our USA land, by OUR BORDER PATROL under DONALD TRUMP’S orders, without soap, shampoo, baths, showers, beds or cots, more mats, blankets, fit food for nutrition, adequate health care for influenza or lice, and without any contact with parents or relatives, and denied human touch, comfort, reportedly from infancy to teen.

I am not in agreement with inhumane treatment of children. I am opposed to this atrocity and the use of my citizenship to sponsor it.

I beg you to call, write and demand this evil stop. Contact every member and every committee in our USA Senate and House of Representatives … and Trump and his cabinet, and the judicial parts of our government, please!

Then contact every church, every company which might donate and send soap, shampoo, mats, blankets, combs, brushes, wipes, maybe even food. Please, let’s not be the new NAZI population. Please HELP THE CHILDREN.

Jennie Conley,

American Falls

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