Picture: The Grinch spotted

The Grinch tries to be sneaky and steal the lights while a snowman watches him and laughs. This yard in Aberdeen is filled with Christmas cheer because they know that the Grinch will come around and bring everything back for Christmas day.

Veterans day pictures

Decorated Iraqi War veteran William Carter talks to the Power County Senior Center on Monday, Nov. 12, about how he came to be awarded the Silver Star during the invasion of Iraq in 2001. Veterans were honored in a variety of ways and places around American Falls that day.

The Aberdeen American Legion Hall has a new flag, that is old, flying in their main room. This is a 48 Star Flag. These flags were flown from July 4, 1912 to July 3, 1959, when additional states were added to the United States. The flag was found stored in the Aberdeen American Legion Hall and is now framed and will fly in the room permanently.