The price is right

The time has finally come. Adriana and I finally got our own dog. An eight month old German Shepherd mixed with Rottweiler. A dog with that pedigree will strike fear into the hearts of many… or so you would think. The timid canines name is Tanner and he isn’t your average dog. He doesn’t run to strangers and greet them with licks and snuggles. He doesn’t hunt down robbers and give the criminals the justice they deserve. He doesn’t make himself available for random people. He actually does the exact opposite. He runs and hides behind the person he is most comfortable with. At this point it is Adriana and I but the first day we met him, he didn’t want anything to do with me and was still on the fence with Adriana. The reason he lasted so long with the foster family is because all of his siblings were very friendly and outgoing while he was timid and stayed back behind his guardians. Since he was so timid, it gave us enough time to find him and adopt him. The people at the animal shelter and the foster parents were all very excited to see us adopting the puppy. They were telling us how good of a dog he is and how much he deserves to go to loving parents like Adriana and I. It was very humbling. I never had a dog I could call my own that would follow me around more than anyone else, so I was full of excitement when I signed the paperwork to adopt him.

After doing diligent research on puppies and having a puppy live with a grown dog, I felt prepared for what was to come with the meeting of Tanner and Sox, Mr. Crompton’s dog. They are actually around the same size, except Sox probably has an easy 20 pounds on him. To break the ice I got them both big bones for themselves. Sox loved her bone and went through it fairly quick and went on to Tanner’s once he wasn’t watching. Being a new dog he probably knew he had initiations waiting for him. He would let Sox know when she was crossing the line and vice versa. They now are getting along fairly well, being that it’s only been a week.

A lot of the worries my mom had about getting the dog have been resolved except Tanner likes to leave a trail when he goes number two. Instead of staying in one spot he will walk while he’s taking care of business. Not the biggest problem that could happen.

The fifth day I had the dog, Wednesday morning, I was driving home from Pocatello to get ready for work. I started to drive up Hillcrest Avenue to go to the house and I see a brown dog that I was almost certain was Tanner. A neighbor was shoeing it away and I called him out, “Tanner! Come here boy!” and he came running to me and jumped in my car. I wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing because I was more concerned about getting him home. I get to the garage and tell him to go inside… he books it back out to Hillcrest Avenue. I start running him down and he takes off even quicker. I finally call my mom and tell her, “You let Tanner out! I need some help getting him.” She starts talking and I pull the phone away and call out to Tanner again. I get back on the phone and asked if her or my dad could drive up and get him in the truck. My mom finally interrupted me and said, “Preston! Tanner is inside the house. I’m looking at him right now.”

Apparently I just picked up a stranger’s dog and gave him a ride for half a block and he thanked me by taking off again. Luckily the dog wasn’t vicious and looked like it knew where it was going. I finally walked in the house being greeted by Tanner and Sox. I don’t want to know what would’ve happened if I took another dog into the house. A battle would’ve broken out most likely.

It sure has been an eventful first week with the new member of the family but that’s how I like it. Adventures are around every turn with a dog as quirky as Tanner and a leader and veteran like Sox.

Thank you to the foster family that took care of Tanner for the first eight months. He is in good hands now with a loving family.

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