Caitlin and Marc

These next couple of months are chalk full of things I’m going to be a part of. Since I’m going to be so busy, I’m writing some columns ahead of time so I can take some of the workload off of Daniel, Debbie and Brett. So these columns will take about the future in the past… or the past in the future… Either way it hasn’t happened yet for me… sorry for the confusion. The marriage of one of my best friends, Marcos Quiroz and his lovely fiancée, Caitlin Quaglietta. When Adriana and I first started dating we needed double date partners to go on dates with. Marc was single and Adriana had a coworker who was single and already mentioned to Adriana that Marc was a hot piece of meat. That’s how the two met. Adriana and I are basically matchmakers. This will be the first time I will be in a groom’s line during the wedding. I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of it.

It’s taking place up in northern Idaho next to Moscow so I’m taking a few days off of work to be there. Mr. Crompton, Adriana and I are driving up there early Friday morning, June 26. After that, the family is leaving on vacation for about a week during Independence Day and Mr. Crompton’s birthday. That’s one of the bad parts about working with your family. Eventually, we will have to do our own vacations.

A month after that, I will finally be tying the knot. It seems surreal to be that close to the end of my life… I’m joking. I have heard both ends of it… “Your days are numbered, boy” or “It’ll be one of the greatest moments of your life” I haven’t heard to many of the neutral comments like “It was okay I guess. Nothing really changes.” With an amazing partner like Adriana I’m sure it will be one of my greatest decisions.

Marc and Caitlin, I couldn’t be happier for the both of you. Caitlin, you make Marc a happy man and I have noticed big changes from before he knew you to now. Marc, I hate to tell you I told you so… but I told you so. I put a CG (Crompton Guarantee) that you were going to marry her a month into dating her (I put CG’s on things that I feel are guaranteed and so far I haven’t been wrong when putting a CG on something.) You make me proud and I love you, brother. Congratulations and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your big day.

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