A good magician never reveals tricks

Adriana and I weren’t too keen with the name Tanner for a dog. We know people named Tanner and it just doesn’t seem like a dog’s name. We eventually came to the consensus of Tango. It’s close to Tanner and it’s unique. Neither of us are dog whisperers so switching the name seemed kind of futile so we decided to just stick with Tanner. One name that didn’t get thrown into the conversation was Harry Houdini! I’m going to have to build an alligator-infested moat around the yard or put barbed wire across the top of the fence because that dog hasn’t escaped once, or twice… but three times.

The first time was about a week into our ownership. My mom’s voice kept playing in my head, “You should wait until after you’re married. You don’t want one more thing to stress about when you’re still planning a wedding.”

Tou·ché mom.

We were looking for hours. Mr. Crompton came down to help. Adriana came down to help. My mom and dad drove around calling out his name. All of that effort, and nothing. I headed back up to Pocatello that night to give Adriana comfort. She took it pretty hard that he was gone.

At about midnight I received a text from my mom. It was a picture of Tanner in their bedroom. He made his way back home. So we finally took a huge sigh of relief and moved on. The next day I looked over the backyard. We have six foot fences. Not one spot could he crawl under. He maybe could’ve scaled the fence, so I got some left over fence slats and put them where we thought he could get out. Problem solved.

Problem not solved. A few days later my dad went home and called me, “Tanner isn’t here” with a semi-concerned chuckle. I eventually came to the conclusion that Tanner has levitating powers and just floated over the fence because I booby trapped that yard. Luckily, Tanner is as good at hiding as he is at escaping. I drove around more that day and couldn’t find him. He eventually made it back home. My mom called me and told me “Tanner is back. It’s strange though… his breath smells like Mexican food.” Adriana and I both kind of had a feeling he would be back later that day so we didn’t freak out like we did the first time. Although, things could happen and we understand that he isn’t guaranteed to come home, we were glad to have him back.

I looked over the yard. Checked everything multiple times. I saw maybe two spots he could escape but he would have had to bend over backwards and do a backflip over the fence to make it happen. I decided the best solution was to chain the two dogs together. I love Sox to death but she isn’t young and spry like Tanner, so Sox could hold him back. Nobody else liked that idea… for good reasons, too.

He escaped a third time but thankfully he just ran to the front door and wanted back in. Back to my mom telling me I didn’t want more stuff to stress over, I am now looking to purchase an invisible fence and GPS collar for Tanner. I jokingly wanted to get a GoPro camera so I could see how he was getting loose.

I have talked to Tanner, tried coaxing him to show me his methods. He wouldn’t even get near the fences. It finally came to me… a magician never reveals his tricks.

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