One month left

In exactly one month, I will no longer call Adriana my fiance. She will finally have Crompton following her first name. I’ve only known her for a year and a half but I feel like I’ve known her longer than that and I still am learning new things about her every day. I learned you don’t come between her and her sushi cravings. I hate sushi so she doesn’t have anything to worry about but that didn’t matter apparently. She was on her high horse that day and I had enough so I told her, “Keep it up and I’m going to eat your sushi just so you can’t have it!” and it brought her to tears. I never even once thought about putting that sushi near my mouth but she fell for my bluff… a little too hard.

We finally got to enjoy the fruits of our labor and attend Marc and Caitlin’s wedding. We hooked those two up so I’m one for nine in that category. I thought the wedding was nice and well done. I enjoyed myself while Adriana has since started panicking over our own wedding. She had a reality check at that wedding and realized we still had some work to get done. That is another thing I love about her, when she needs to crack down, she does it. That’s a work ethic I can get used to.

We also have been writing our vows for each other and I think I have scrapped two or three rough drafts and am now back at square one. I have ideas float through my head of how it should go down and what I want to say but I never seem to have anything to write it down on. I am usually driving at that time as well so that’s a no-go.

It’s a very strange thing… it feels like yesterday I was sneaking kisses on her cheek but it also feels like we’re coming up on our 25th anniversary. I always compare our relationship to a cake. I could’ve known her for only a few weeks and been blessed more than I should be, but every day after that is just icing on the cake… sure it’s a lot of icing but as all of my close friends and family know, the staple of my diet is sugar.

(I have to cut this one short… I just got some ideas for my vows.)

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