Adriana and I are curious people and a lot of time we wonder where phrases came from.

“One for the books!” “Flying off the seat of our pants.” “In the buff.”

The last one I just barely learned from Mr. Crompton a week ago.

A lot of time only one of us knows where it comes from and what it means.

I enlighten Adriana and tell her what I know, and when I don’t know, which is the majority of the time, she tells me what I’m missing. Sometimes it’s humorous. Adriana thought the second term was “Flying off the seed of our pants.” Neither phrase makes much sense to us so we Google it most times.

When I typed the title out “The honeymooners” I wondered where that one came from. It actually has a negative connotation to it. I don’t want to bore everyone, but it’s worth the search when you have free time.

When we were on our honeymoon we experienced turbulent driving.

“I don’t really feel like driving, will you drive?” I asked my new wife Adriana.

“Sure!” she replied.

Driving around Utah can get confusing to small-towners like Adriana and I. I thought I had a good idea where we were going until I started passing places I didn’t recognize. That was the day prior and I took us on the “scenic route” to get back to Midway, UT, where we were staying.

We had just finished visiting the Olympic park in Park City and were heading back. We both started talking about something and weren’t focused on the roads when Adriana asked me a question too late.

“Isn’t that the turn we were supposed to take?” she shouted.

Sure enough, just in time to not do anything about it. Between that and Siri on my iPhone giving me issues that day, it was an interesting week.

“Turn right,” spoke my phone.

I turned right.

“In 500 feet, make a U-turn and continue on for three miles,” added Siri.

“What the heck, Siri?! I could’ve turned left back there!” I scoffed.

Coming back to reality isn’t bad really. We are currently house hunting, and getting closer each and every day. As of right now we have been doing what’s easiest. Whether that is me driving back and forth from Pocatello to American Falls or Adriana spending time here in the best town in Idaho.

There are pros and cons to our situation. She won’t get sick of me as fast if I’m not there all the time, but she will miss me… I think. I get a full queen sized bed to myself here in American Falls, but I don’t get to lay with my wife. If I go to Pocatello, I get to see her and bother her and lay in bed with her, but it’s a twin mattress and I like to spread my six-foot wingspan. Being that she is small and petite, I don’t think she minds a crowded twin bed. I’ve seen her curl into the fetal position in a passenger seat of a car. That’s something I envy. Those days are long behind me.

The wedding, for those who couldn’t make it, was beautiful and that’s not a biased opinion. Overlooking the canyon in Twin Falls, everything seemed to work out great, from the timing of the events to Adriana’s ‘I do’.

I had actually made it one week without doing anything dumb. Then last weekend during the club championship at the golf course I semi-aggressively grabbed my putter and my ring busted into five or six pieces. I told Adriana she can’t give me nice things any more. I knew I got a keeper long ago, but her patience reminds me how lucky I am.

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