How long is a lifetime?

According to my wedding ring, it’s only seven days. It had been exactly one week since I was married and my ring shattered into six or so pieces on the golf course. I kept asking Adriana how much the ring cost and where she got it from but her lips were sealed. I reluctantly told her that it broke. Both of us were just as surprised as the other. Thankfully, the manufacturers who made the ring had a “lifetime guarantee” on it. Adriana emailed them and told them she was upset that it barely lasted a week, although she said if anyone could break something with a lifetime guarantee that quick it would be me.

The manufacturers were surprised it broke and they made an exact replica of it and shipped it off for no charge. I learned a couple of lessons that day. Lesson one: Don’t wear your ring while you’re golfing. Lesson two: Relax. I don’t want to say it affected my golf game, but the first few holes before that were bad, the next 15 were worse. The next day I shot a 70, without the ring… I don’t want to say it affected me but it was about a stroke-a-hole difference from the day before. So far, this ring seems more promising than the first.

Really, the second lesson I should’ve taken away from that incident was having patience. It is a virtue, and I’m not necessarily virtuous. Blame it on my red hair genes or what have you but I’ve taken big strides from when I was younger. Just a few days ago my patience was tested again and I would say I got a C+. I won’t go into detail or say names but some files were deleted from our weekly folder that we put in the paper. Along with it were pictures from sporting events that I didn’t make copies of. I’ll take part of the blame for not making duplicates but it’s been resolved. I decided that my best option was to get out of the office and get some lunch. During my little lunch break I tried telling myself that it’s done and nothing can be reversed. Looking at the glass half full, at least it was earlier in the week and not much was on the file. If it was Monday when we are laying pages out, I probably would’ve panicked.

Patience is probably something I need to seriously work on, although Adriana does a good job of calming me down and taming the fiery temper I unleash at times.

I usually stay on my personal side of these columns but one story that caught my eye from the past week was a day care in New Jersey was running a fight club for the children. I read out the headline, “Two charged for running fight club for kids.” My mom and I started chuckling at the idea. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie Fight Club, the fight club that is started has rules. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! I started thinking to myself, “One of those kids broke rules one and two!”

On the serious side of the story, none of the kids were injured which is a relief. The two people that were caught doing this deserve to be punished.

When Adriana and I start having kids, I’m probably going to let my mom and dad watch over them. One thing I won’t have patience for is my parents running a fight club for my kids.

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