Black Friday or Gray Thursday

Each year the starting time for “Black Friday” gets farther and farther into Thanksgiving. Some stores and companies are taking a stand and saying no to working on Thanksgiving. I thought waking up at 2 a.m. for sales was crazy, but cutting your Thanksgiving dinner short so you can save $50 on a tablet is insane.

My mother-in-law is an employee at Walmart and they are no exception to this war on Thanksgiving. I’m going over this column and stating what I’m thankful for… but Gray Thursday is certainly not on the list.

This will be my first time having Thanksgiving without mom, dad and brother. Although I will miss them, I will also be able to spend my first Thanksgiving with my newest family members and wife. There is a lot to be grateful for throughout the whole year. I could fill this paper with a list of things I’m grateful for. It seems to be magnified around this time of year. This is a cliche but it holds true to the moment. It’s bittersweet.

As the year gets older and 2016 starts to creep up on us, it’s a time to reflect on the year.

The past two years as a whole have been the most hectic, joyous and gratifying years of my life. Meeting my wife at the beginning of 2014, having my father survive a battle with multiple aneurysms, living in and out of a hospital for a quarter of that year, starting a career here at The Press, coaching the seventh grade basketball team, picking out an engagement ring for my wife, proposing to said wife, planning a wedding in four months, buying a house and making it our own, having friends and family always nearby to share experiences with. I really am grateful for these past two years and the 22 before that. At the end of 2014 I told myself that was the best year of my life. At the end of this year I’m telling myself the same thing about 2015. I’m sure by this time next year I will be raving over 2016.

All of that wouldn’t be possible without the people in my life. They really are the biggest reason I’m enamoured with these past two years. I hope everyone can look back and find the silver lining from this year and bask in it. I hope everyone had a truly happy Thanksgiving.

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