The different stages of hunger

There are different stages when it comes to wanting children. Adriana and I haven’t made it to the full on starvation stage. Where we have to have a kid and can’t go any longer without another Crompton in the mix. Right now, I’m at the “It looks good but I can’t afford it” stage. Adriana on the other hand hasn’t quite gotten to that part. She’s more at the stage of “Sounds good, but I’m not craving it right now.” My mom, Debbie, and my mother-in-law Sandra are at the stage of “I want a grandchild RIGHT NOW!” My dad, Brett, and father-in-law Humberto, are the mediators, more along the stage of “I’m still full from the kids I have right now.”

I’m sure if it ever did happen, everyone would be happy and ready to build up an appetite to help us with a child, but as of now we are content with just the two of us and our furbaby Tanner. Tanner alone can be a bit much sometimes. I try telling my little guy that he is almost at the age where he can’t whine anymore. He’s milking his time for now. For instance, I can’t go to a different room without him following me, no matter the distance. If I shut a door behind me and he’s on the other side of the door, he will instantly whine. I asked for it though. I always wanted a dog that would follow me around before it followed others. Tanner is over the top with it.

Adriana and I both understand we want to have stability with work and finances before we go for it. I’m anxious because I think the world of Adriana and I know she will be an amazing mother. And based on how her parents, my parents and both sets of our grandparents raised us, we should be fine. The kids we raise shouldn’t fall far from the tree. There’s pros and cons to that phrase as well. I like to think I’ve been a good member to society but I had my moments that caused my parents headaches. Adriana has told me some of her stories and if our kids are anything like us… not to mention both of us combined, it’s a scary thought. They will have my mischief behavior and Adriana’s wits and puppy dog eyes to get out of it. That’s a scary combination.

Personally I am the type to jump first and look later. Carefree and young at heart. Adriana has those same qualities but she has something I lack, realism. She will jump before she looks a lot of the time but she will also voice her concerns if she has any. She told me the other day that I married my mom. Same values and characteristics, knows when to have fun, knows when to be serious, just has an overall understanding of what’s needed from her. Motherly instincts is what I classify it under.

Robert and I were being brothers and wrestling around a month or two ago and Adriana told us, “Someone is going to get hurt.” I’ve heard those same words from my mother so many times. It’s a safe bet to say something like that when Robert and I start letting the testosterone flow. We were rough-housing for a little bit and Robert said he gave up and I threw him into a window and broke it. My side of the story has a little more detail. We were wrestling a little and Robert gave one last shove or two and I gave a couple back and he went into a window that was already broken, and broke it a little more. No harm, no foul. Adriana was right… but it didn’t stop her from cracking up and laughing after we knew Robert was okay.

Whether it’s sooner or later, Adriana and I will eventually reach the starvation stage for a child. Adriana will let me know when she’s ready. She knows I’m basically ready. Patience is our best friend right now. All this hunger talk has me wondering what’s for lunch… I’ll be back.

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