Getting out of doing chores is risky business

I wish I knew this was all it took. Lately, Adriana has given me tasks to do when she isn’t home or to help her out when she is home. I try to perform those duties to the best of my abilities, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. I’ve mentioned before that I am good at injuring myself due to freak accidents. Incidents like those are what get me out of cooking sometimes.

After injuring myself or doing something incorrectly, Adriana will kick me out or relieve me of whatever duties I had. For instance, this past week Adriana asked me to do some of the laundry and make dinner. I did half of my tasks correctly. I made dinner… without starting a fire… or hurting myself. It wasn’t special, just sloppy joes, but they were delicious. On the other hand, doing the laundry wasn’t so great.

I thought I did a great job. Folded what needed to be folded, jammed what needed to be jammed, and hung what needed to be hung… or so I thought. Adriana got home and was in our closet room, looking at what happened. She sat down, called me over and began to educate me on the “correct way” to do things.

“Preston, I’m not upset, but if you do the laundry there are a few guidelines you need to follow,” she said.

Thinking to myself, “She has the nerve to ask me to do her laundry then critique me on how I do it?”

“If you’re going to hang my clothes, hang them so I can see the tag on the right side. You hung some of my shirts backwards. Also, if you notice, my shirts are color coordinated. That’s how I like it. I also segregate them into moods… but we don’t have to worry about that right now,” she stated. “Another thing, you only fold shirts that I use to wear at night or play sports in. Shirts that I wear to work or out in public need to be hung up. Oh, and one more thing, when you put my clothes in the drawers, make sure they go with their respected groups. That’s all I ask.”

That’s all. It got a chuckle out of me. I started telling her nobody is going to come in and grade us on how we hang up our clothes or what way the hanger is facing but she held her ground and said, “This is one thing I won’t back down from.”

I’ve experienced my fair share of butt-chewings and stern sit-downs with my parents, so I’m a veteran when it comes to receiving lashings. Adriana, bless her heart, was the sweetest and cutest to set me straight. It’s hard to feel like you’re being disciplined when the person talking to you distracts you with their looks. I probably didn’t hear everything she told me so I tried giving my end of the scenario.

“You know, ever since I was little, the hangers go like this… that’s just how it is. I tried to put your shirts in the areas of color they match. (I screwed up on a couple… reds with blues and a grey in a brown area.) I finally gave in to her demands. She decided that from now on if I do any of her laundry, she is going to supervise me until I get it down on my own.

I’m out of doing laundry for now, but I’m sure I will get called back again some day. Dinner was good, so she allows me to be in the kitchen still. As long as I don’t draw blood, I’m accepted in that area of the house.

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