Adventures in lawn care

Being our first summer in our first home, Adriana and I, moreso I, have run into a lot of obstacles for keeping our lawn well-watered. I first purchased a 50 foot hose in the spring, but rarely had to use it because of all the rain. With only one hose I found myself hooking it up to both sides of the house. I would hook it up, run around to the back yard to set up the sprinkler, run back around to turn the water on, run back to check to see if it was getting the spot I wanted, run back to turn it off, run back to adjust it, and finally run back to turn it on.

It’s a lot of work to do that, heck, it’s a lot of work just typing it out. I eventually started jumping the fence like a hurdler… that is until a couple of weeks ago. The back yard was struggling, starting to resemble the Sahara Desert. I swear I can see blades of grass reaching out to me yelling, “WATER! Please sir, we need water!” The front yard is in good shape. Luckily, I only have one half of the lot to worry about. So back to the story, I was sick of constantly running around the house so I went to jump over the fence and scraped my left shin a decent amount. That was the last straw. I gave in and purchased a 100 foot hose. Now that’s luxury. I can reach any corner in my back yard with ease, I can turn it on once, go adjust it and be done. I’m planning on having a sprinkler system put in later on in the summer so until then I will be doing manual labor for a little. I can’t even imagine how happy I’ll be with a system in place.

With all the discussion on conserving water in town, I think they look at my yard and know that I’m not contributing to the overuse of water. If there was an award for yellowest back yard, I would be the clear favorite. I’m praying for rain this week while we take off for Bend, OR. A little help from Mother Nature to get my back yard back in shape and hydrated.

It’s late coming out but I hope everyone had a great and safe Independence Day. It seems like people continue to push the boundaries on how ridiculous of an injury they can create from fireworks. Last year I think the winner was Jason Pierre Paul. He’s an NFL player for the New York Giants. If you have a strong enough stomach, Google his injury. It’s extremely graphic so be aware. Off of that side note, thank you to all the people who serve, overseas, nationally, in our community. Thank you to all of the officers, medical personnel, volunteers, firefighters. Thank you for all that you do. God bless America.

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