Three wonderful years

Around this time last year I was telling my wife Adriana happy anniversary for the first time. It worked out because paper was the first year anniversary gift, so I wrote her a column and called it good. Adriana gave me a handwritten card with all the mushy gushy stuff on the inside. This will now be our second anniversary, on Tuesday, Aug. 15, and also a one year anniversary for going through the temple together on Wednesday, Aug. 16. Killing two birds with one stone they say.

I put “Three wonderful years” in the title because it’s been a little over three years working here at The Power County Press and Aberdeen Times, but it’s also been a little over three years that Adriana and I have been a couple.

According to Adriana, the second year anniversary gift is cotton, so she is cross-stitching something for me for her first time. I on the other hand have played coy on her gift and, like the quintessential dumb husband in the TV shows and movies, have put it off until the last day. One thing I have noticed is we do need new pillows, it’s not as romantic and grandeur of an offering as the one last year was, but it’s a lot more efficient and useful. It’s also knocking off the cotton requirement.

That’s one thing I love about my wife. I could give her cotton balls for her nails as an anniversary gift and she would be just as happy. A very simple woman. I’ve mentioned before that I usually email the columns I write to her ahead of time, but since this will fall on our other anniversary, I thought it would be nice if she just read it with the rest of you all.

We’ve also got school coming back in a couple of weeks. I’ll be going back for the… first time as a teacher. Definitely going to be interesting from the other side. Adriana will be starting back up her Master’s program Monday, Aug. 21. Which is also the day of the solar eclipse. Why they would schedule school on such a historic day, I don’t know. Either way, she will be getting back into the swing of things.

It’s a busy time for the both of us. I will be out from The Press within the next couple of weeks and we will have my replacement coming in during that time to learn the tricks of the trade. I would say she has big shoes to fill but that would only be true literally. Figuratively, she will fit right in and make her own imprint on the journalism world.

It has been a pleasure writing these columns for three plus years now and I’ve appreciated all of the kind words you’ve shared with me through passing about my columns. We will see what the future holds for me writing columns, but for now, I thank you all for supporting me as well as The Power County Press and Aberdeen Times as a business. I also want to thank my bosses/parents for giving me this opportunity to flap my wings and see what I wanted to be. I couldn’t have done it without you both and will forever be grateful for that opportunity.

For now though, I have to bid you all, adieu.


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