City of American Falls COVID-19 updates

The following releases are from the city of American Falls, listed from least recent to most recent:

Recent Update:

Essential Update-5-3-20-2100

Past updates:

Letter from Mayor Marc Beitia

Essential Update-3-18-20-0730AM

Essential Update-3-18-20-0830AM

Essential Update-3-18-20-1630

Essential Update-3-19-20-0800

Resolution 565 City State of Emergancy Declaration for COVID-19 3-19-2020

Mayor’s Declaration of Local Disaster Ordinance 3-19-20

Essential Update-3-19-20-1530

Essential Update-3-20-20-0830

Essential Update-3-20-20-1800

Essential Update-3-21-20-2030

Essential Update-3-23-20-0800

Essential Update-3-23-20-2000

Essential Update-3-25-20-0800

Essential Update-3-25-20-2000

Essential Update-3-27-20-0900 Small Business Loans ID_16371_Fact_Sheet_(COVID_Gov_Cert_EIDL) SBA Small Business Loans ID_16379_Fact_Sheet_Spanish_(COVID_Gov_Cert_EIDL) SBA

Essential Update-3-31-20-0900

Essential Update-4-2-20-0900

Essential Update-4-6-20-0900

Essential Update-4-7-20-0900

Essential Update-4-13-20-0800

1-IDCOC_127_USChamber Small Business ELA Loan Guide

3-IDCOC_125_HANDOUT_SBA Disaster Assistance_Resources for Businesses _1_

2-IDCOC_126_Phase_3_Bipart_Summary_FINAL 1-IDCOC_127_USChamber Small Business ELA Loan Guide Essential Update-3-31-20-0900

Essential Update-4-30-20-2000

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