Small town life can’t be duplicated

Dear Aberdeen,

We moved to Pocatello about a year ago, and have really loved living over here. However, there are some things that you will find in a small town that cannot be duplicated in the city. The friendliness of the people in a small town cannot be beat. We miss the friendly farmer wave as you pass people on the road, knowing people in the supermarket that you can just sit and chat with, and the extra mile service that the businesses in Aberdeen provide for you. From Stokes to El Jaliciense to Wallace Drug, Corbridge Oil, Corbridge’s Ag and Feed and Ace. (And every other little business in between that I might not have mentioned), you get fantastic service from all.

I recently lost a prescription and so I called Dwight Wallace to get a refill. It was a Saturday morning, and I was planning to have my son pick it up before they closed. Well, it didn’t happen for some reason (farming!) and Wallace Drug was closed when Austin was finally available to pick it up. Sunday morning, my son got a call from Dwight saying that he had my prescription and that Austin could pick it up to take to me in Pocatello. Who does that kind of thing? Only in a small town! I am so grateful to have lived in Aberdeen for 40+ years – it really doesn’t get much better than y(our) little town! Thanks so much!

Sincerely – Dianne Poulson

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