Rodeos continue, with locals getting several first place finishes

The American Falls, Aberdeen, and Rockland rodeo team is busy rodeoing, traveling to Rigby where rodeos are still being held. As of Saturday, May 30, they have had six rodeos in Rigby.

In addition to the rodeos in Rigby, rodeos were held in Blackfoot last week, and stats from those rodeos and on those making it to state, which will also be in Blackfoot, will be in next week’s paper.

Those on the team include Lili Bell, a junior from American Falls; Saul Coronado, a junior from Raft River; Cooper Evans, a junior from American Falls; Gage Gregersen, a senior from Raft River; Laynee Gregersen, a junior from Raft River; Martin Law, a senior from Aberdeen; Shaeann Miller…
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