Masks and teeth

If a superhero puts a mask on, nobody knows who they are. But if I put a mask on and go in the grocery store, everybody knows who I am. I might have a hard time fighting crime anonymously in this town.

On the other hand, I have the same problem wearing a bandana around my face. I guess I’m not holding up any stagecoaches either.

On a side note—and I’m all about side notes—I could probably hide if I wore a Batman or Captain America mask, which just leaves the chin and mouth showing. I feel bad for the actors who might try out to play those superheroes, but might literally not be cut out for it. I can see the rejection letter now: “You are a great actor, but you chin just isn’t sharp enough to play this role.”

But those masks don’t cover the part of your face you are supposed to cover. A funny picture would be Batman or Captain America with a surgical mask on. You really couldn’t tell who they are then. I have a feeling, though, that masks may interfere with crime fighting just a bit.

I usually don’t leave the house with our nearly one-year-old baby. But if I do, I can’t wear a mask for long. Her favorite activity is to rip it off. Nothing gives her more joy. You would think the point of the entire pandemic was to entertain the baby by wearing these strange masks she gets to rip off.

She does not wear a mask, of course. Which is a good thing, because she has a few front teeth coming in, and nothing is cuter than some new baby teeth. Nothing is sharper either. You could cut paper with those things.

Teeth seem to be a recurring theme in our house. Our oldest daughter is getting her 12 year molars. Our middle daughter’s mouth is in a constant change of teeth coming and going. And the baby, well, while her teeth are cute, I could use a little more sleep. Those teeth are keeping her up at night.

While I remember losing a few teeth, I don’t remember any teeth coming in, and just how much it hurts. It’s a hard process for our bodies to get those teeth in the right place. I have a feeling I might see braces in my future, though I’ll just be paying for them. In the meantime, those kids might need to wear masks to cover them up.

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