Urges commission to reconsider RV park

To the editor,

RE: Recent Press article titled, “RV Park is not okay in agricultural area, P.C. Commission says” by Daniel Moore.

I am the immediate past Director for the Idaho Good Sam Organization which is the state organization for the International Good Sam Club with a membership base in excess of five million. Having a career background in the legal field, I completely understand the conflict between code definitions for RV Parks and campsites and the need to address the definition discrepancy and/or the need to rezone prior to taking action on the proposed project by Mr. Adkins.

I also commend the commission for their assessment of the factors, appealed to their original decision, to approve the proposed Campground/RV park connected to the event center.

My remaining comments and concern are with the last paragraph of the article which states that, “The Board (of county commissioners) will not engage in a full evaluation of the possible differences between the impacts of a tent campsite versus an RV campsite.” And, then does just that in a negative light to RVs. Members of RVing groups abide by certain standards which include quiet times; pets always on leashes and attended; diligent cleanup of pet waste; leave your campsite as clean or better than you found it; and no encroaching on an occupied campsite. Parks also have rules enforced onsite. RVs are self-contained. There is no dumping of wastewater on the ground, which may not apply for dishwater, wash water and leftover liquids while tent camping. Amenities like electric, water and sewer hookups command a higher fee for the use of the space, thus more tax revenue.

I urge the commission to include the input of actual RVers in making their decisions regarding this potential campground. A combination of amenities for all campers should be beneficial to such development. I also urge that any development of camping development, consider an application to the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department for matching grant funds which are provided by RVers themselves for developing or enhancing camping facilities. RVers pay a fee above their registration fees that constitute this fund administered by the parks/recreation department with input from an advisory board of RVers.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Barcus

(Editor’s Note: Portions of this letter were edited or eliminated to keep the letter near the preferred length of 300 words.)

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