Baby technology and Power Rangers

We all know that the younger you are the more able you are to pick up on technology. Our baby is sure of it. At just one year old, she knows she can run the computer better than anyone else. She is so sure of it that she will cajole, wrestle and bite anyone who is sitting at the desk. After dispensing of whoever might be unfortunate to be using the computer at the time, she will get up and start banging on the keyboard like a mad woman. Yep, she knows that she knows how to use it all right.

It’s the same with the remote control. There is a competition you used to see a lot at county fairs, where they would grease a pole and someone would climb up it. If we hold the remote control over our head, we are the greased pole. She is intent on getting to the top. I know we have cut her fingernails, but it’s like she has claws.

She doesn’t even like watching TV. She would rather push the buttons on the remote. If she can’t push the actual buttons, she’s pretty good at pushing our emotional ones. It’s pretty useless watching TV with a one-year-old. It’s good she’s entertaining enough on her own that we really don’t need to watch anything.

Of course, our kids watch plenty of TV, after fighting off the baby of course. They probably know how to fight her off because their favorite program to watch is a show called “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” This is show a where teenagers in colorful costumes and some sort of power (is it magical? I don’t know.) fight of hoards of grotesque monsters with plastic looking faces. They fight the monster, but the monster is always too powerful, until they have to form some sort of giant robot to fight it off for real. They have done this A LOT, like 951 times.

I did not make that number up. There are literally 951 different episodes of Power Rangers to choose from. And the plot is basically the same every time. In 946 of the episodes, the monster shoots a laser at the Rangers, but always misses them. Instead, the background explodes, sending the teens clawing through the air as they fly towards the baddie. Then it’s the baddie’s turn to be missed, and the monster has to leap as fire explodes behind it. It’s the television equivalent of cheese whiz.

It seems to be after 951 times they would be better at fighting off monsters. Like, maybe they could buy a gun? They’re kind of like a baby using a computer. Better luck next time, Rangers.

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