Beware the faux pho foes

My wife and her sister recently went for a shopping spree at Costco. This makes me nervous. I just know that when I go for a shopping spree at Costco, $400 goes by and I decide my membership is not worth it. Fortunately, my wife and her sister did not quite spend that much.

What they did get was a sort of Vietnamese rice noodle called Pho. They turned out to be some really good noodles. They bought them because they were favorites of our niece, who is always on the go and sometimes needs to eat quickly. We weren’t quite sure how to pronounce it though. We settled that the name is pronounced with an “f” sound and a long “o.” So, we thought, the noodles are not pronounced poe, foo, and definitely not poo. They are pronounced foe, we decided.

Of course, since I have a mind that just won’t stop, I had to think about what I would call an enemy who was made out of rice noodles, if I happened to live in a land where enemies could be made out of rice noodles. Now, I’ve read a lot of fantasy literature, and never have I read about enemies being made out of rice noodles, but the obvious choice to call this enemy is a pho foe.

And then I started thinking that maybe my rice noodle enemies of this land are not always made from real rice noodles, but fake rice noodles, so they are my faux pho foe. And then maybe, these fake rice noodle enemies have long, curly hair, so they would be faux pho fro foes. And certainly, they would come in quadruples, so there would be four faux pho fro foes.

My wife suggested that maybe these rice noodle enemies were also hobbits or four faux pho fro Frodo foes, but that might be taking it a bit too far. And what if you had lots of these sets of fake noodle enemies? How would they move from place to place? You might have a hard time tracking your four faux pho fro Frodo foes’ flows. But I’m just being silly now.

However, our niece set us straight. It looks like many parts of Vietnam do not pronounce it “foe,” but instead pronounces it “fuh.” Ah man! I had a good thing going. There is only one way to respond to this new information that it is pronounced fuh: well, duh.

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