In favor of Sen. Guthrie’s legislation

To the editor,

Senate Bill 1132 is not just about immigration as it is incorrectly being made out to be.

Senate Bill 1132 is about rural Idaho and our very limited public transportation. Residents in rural areas get around by driving places. We drive to the store, we drive to sporting events, we drive to church, and we drive to work. Drivers should have insurance and drivers should have knowledge of traffic rules. I can’t buy car insurance if I don’t have a permit to drive and I can’t get a permit to drive unless I demonstrate to the State of Idaho that I have an understanding of Idaho’s traffic laws. Expanding driving privileges and driver’s liability insurance to more Idaho residents is a practical strategy that has proven successful in many of our neighboring states.

The federal immigration debate continues in our nation’s capital and this does not change that conversation or allow for any illegal immigration in Idaho. Federal immigration policy should be debated at a national level by those who hold national office. Sen. Guthrie’s proposal deals with Idaho residents and Idaho road safety. I applaud him for his efforts in this very important matter. S1132 is good policy for Idaho.


Greg Andersen

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