Letter reply to March 24 Jones letter

Open letter reply to Mr. Jones’ letter of March 24
Dear Sir,
Evidently, I didn’t give enough information in my letter to the editor for people who did not attend the city council meeting concerning chickens, or who do not live in American Falls. I was trying to speak from the point of view of someone with experience.
I grew up on a small acreage outside of town where my parents raised assorted animals. I helped care for them including cleaning chicken coops and shoveling manure. As it turns out, that ‘fertilizer’ only slightly resembles the kind you buy in tidy bags at the garden center. We composted animal waste in a space which was more than 10 feet from neighbors. We didn’t expect to stack it in an alley to be cleaned up once a year by the city. Our cats dealt with rodents who make their home in straw needed for nests.
We have also lived in the third largest city in Idaho where our neighborhood allowed small livestock. Few people chose that option even though the backyards were considerably larger than the average backyard in American Falls. Still, a new neighbor did introduce chickens, which led to numerous problems. Not just in my opinion, I might add. When those neighbors moved, they simply abandoned the whole mess.
Country people generally have a great deal of common sense and I would never refer to them as ‘rubes’ or ‘hayseeds’. Common sense means you realize the impact you have on your neighbors and your community. While outsiders may consider American Falls to be an ‘anything goes’ place, I don’t think the majority of residents see it that way.
Sincerely, as someone who has been there,
Patricia Roper
American Falls


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