A.F. water works issues, part 1

Our City

by A.F. Mayor Rebekah Sorensen

I may be a little biased, but American Falls is the best city in the best state of the best country on earth, and life here undeniably revolves around water. We are an ag community dependent on irrigation and rain. Our town was historically displaced by water, mature trees and green spaces dot the area, we recreate on the reservoir above our very own dam, and the school mascot is even a beaver! We recently received the 2021 award for the best tasting water in Idaho, and the resulting conversations and interviews have helped highlight the water issues that weigh on my mind regularly.

In 2019 a water study was conducted for American Falls’ water system, and I became part of the city’s Water Working Group in early 2020. I want every resident to truly understand our two problematic water issues, and I prefer they be addressed sooner than later. I will introduce them now and go into further detail in weeks to come.

Issue #1: The high amount of water consumed by American Falls residents is not sustainable, especially considering projected (and desired) growth in our future. Did you know that we exceed daily pumping capacity in the summer, and we use more than twice the Idaho average of gallons per person per day?

Issue #2: There are approximately 13 miles of deteriorating, undersized, noncompliant waterlines running under our city. Out of sight, out of mind? Not if there is break or downright disaster! There is no way around this one—it must be replaced, but I want to find the most efficient and prudent solution possible.

This is going to be a group effort. I love American Falls and want to keep a good thing going in our green, gorgeous city… that just so happens to have fantastic tasting water! Stay tuned!…

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