Time for schools to require masks

Dear Randy Jensen and District 381 School Board members,

The time is now to take action against the spread of Covid infections in our schools by requiring masks indoors. All staff that contacts our students should also be required to be vaccinated. I believe that the health of our students (and my grandchildren) depends on this.

We’ve all heard the statistics that show the Delta variant is spreading rapidly and is causing severe illness and even death in a significant number of children. Our children need to be in school, but they also need an environment that is safe and healthy. That is your responsibility.

People who claim personal freedom to protest sensible and easy steps like masking and vaccination are ignoring the many other mandates our society accepts to protect the health and lives of others. These include no smoking in public, no driving while drunk, and not passing school buses when they are unloading children.

I believe that a vocal minority is intimidating our government and schools and keeping us from doing what is best for our children. You need to take action now to avoid a crisis of sick children and another shutdown of schools in District 381.

Respectfully, Francine Rudeen

Grandmother and retired teacher

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