Vaccination is fastest, most effective way to end pandemic

To the Health West Community:

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and severely impact our region, we want to share our perspective. The past 18 months have been difficult for everyone in many ways, and the surge in COVID-19 infections over recent months has been exceptionally challenging. We echo Franklin County Medical Center’s recent letter and encourage you to remain cognizant of hospital capacity and think of your loved ones and neighbors as you take COVID-19 precautions.

It is inevitable that people in our community — family, friends, neighbors, coworkers — will continue to contract COVID-19 and need care from our hospitals and local providers, unless our community takes steps to protect those around us and alleviate the burden our healthcare system is currently experiencing. As a community member, we ask you to help lessen the number of people who need hospitalization and emergency care by taking every possible step to stop the spread of COVID-19.

We continue to believe that vaccination is the fastest and most effective way out of the pandemic. The majority of Intensive Care Unit patients are unvaccinated. Studies show that individuals who are not vaccinated are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized (Griffin, Haddiz, Danza, et al.). In order to protect yourself and your community, we urge you to get vaccinated.


Mindy Benedetti, Health West CEO

Mark T. Horrocks, Health West CMO

Health West board members Shantay Bloxham, Gloria Whiteside, Adam Waldron, Iris Buder, Irene Barrett

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