Trustees informed on STEM program

The Aberdeen School District Board of Trustees were presented with information on the STEM program by Erin Johnson, science teacher in the middle school, at the Wednesday, Aug. 17, meeting. Trustees Todd Lowder, Amy Burusco, Sherry Mauroner, Brian Rowlan and Elaine Blik were told by Johnson the idea behind the STEM (Science, Technology, English, Math) program is having the students solve problems in their own way.
There are some who say “I don’t know how and I don’t want to try”, according to Johnson, but STEM gives them a hands on problem solving opportunity.
“You have to figure this out,” Johnson will tell students, “but I am here to support you” and she encourages the students to make the effort to try. “When they find out they are graded on their effort to try, normally they will get it done,” according to Johnson. There is now a STEM lab available…

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