Cauldron Linn is well worth the trip by Celia Klassen Time for Tea

One hour 34 minutes travel time from Aberdeen, one hour 18 minutes drive from American Falls, Cauldron Linn is a site near the old Oregon Trail.
Here, the Snake River is forced through a passage less than 40 feet wide and the result is one of the most intimidating, spectacular waterfalls in Idaho. Also known as Star Falls, this site proved perilous to early pioneers who tried to navigate this section of the river in 1811. Expert kayakers may want to attempt the Class IV and rapids with huge drops. Upstream there is excellent bass fishing.
Not much has changed since 1811; the area is still natural and untamed and you won’t find safety features like guardrails or paved paths. The river runs in a wide canyon, and the falls cut through a very narrow rock step. The volume of water fluctuates seasonally, but is possibly really good this year with the snow we had and the cooler spring.
So is it just a waterfall? No, it gives you a chance to see how Idaho used to be, the natural landscape the pioneers encountered, and the rugged beauty of our state.
There is a car park at the top of the canyon, you can park there and walk to a level place near the river. It is possible to drive down to near the river but the ‘road’ is not very good and you would need a side by side or high-clearance vehicle.
This spot is also near Murtaugh Lake although the writer cannot offer personal experience on it.

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